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A Sustainable Grande Prairie

Sustainability means having the things we need to be healthy in the long term. This includes a smart and modern approach to regulation, reasonable taxation, and strong regional partnerships.

A sustainable city is one that:

  • Creates thoughtful and restrained fiscal policies, follows them with discipline
  • Maintains a realistic budget that returns excellent value to taxpayers
  • Partners with neighbouring municipalities to plan for the future, grow the regional economy, deliver services, and cost share
  • Thinks beyond the next election
  • Fosters diverse types of development which generate revenue for the city
  • Supports local businesses
  • Takes a sensible and modern approach to regulation
  • Limits red tape for business and development
  • Talks to its citizens about their needs and opportunities

To maintain a sustainable city, I support:

  • Pursuing strategies to cut taxation. Ideas to explore include regional collaboration, zero based budgeting, priority based budgeting, and growing other sources of revenue. 
  • Using savings from regional partnerships, annexation, and increased efficiency to lower taxes rather than increase spending
  • Policies that encourage industrial development and high or medium-density residential development. This includes streamlining regulatory processes.
  • Strengthening regional collaboration and our relationship with the County of Grande Prairie. 

Let me know what you think a sustainable, livable, and connected city looks like. Join a GP Round Table discussion online or in person. Details are here.

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